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the-call-press-photo-1A few weeks ago I saw one of those eCards that are always popping up on Facebook. The card read “Don’t apologize for not blogging…No one noticed” I found it funny considering my updates are pretty sporadic and I tend to start every post with something to the effect of “yeah, it’s been a while” or something like that. But hey, 2013 is just a few weeks old so with a new year comes new optimism and maybe even a few mix ups on the blog.  So just like my love for the tunes discussed here I refuse to let this thing die so let’s move on shall we.

I’m a bit of a rare guy in the sense that most 40 year olds usually are not able to keep up with newer sounds coming out. Facts are facts people get older and their priorities change. Families, work, kids what ever it may be becomes important so I get a lot of friends who share a love for Warning Radio asking if I can suggest any new bands or new music coming out that they might like.

I tend to almost always be a fan of bands that are influenced by bands I already like. So with influences such as The Velvet Underground, Jesus & Mary Chain and Sonic Youth most people who know me well would not be shocked to hear that I’ve been a fan of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club since their inception. Ok so where the big tie in right? Well Robert Been, BRMC’s bass player and vocalist is the son of Michael Been the leader and chief songwriter of the 80’s college rock band The Call.

Sadly, Michael passed away in 2010 and as a tribute to Robert’s late father BRMC are releasing as their first single one of the Calls classic tracks from 1989 “Let The Day Begin” on their newest album due out in March. The cover stays pretty true to the original but  they do manage to add a nice amount of BMRC noise to the mix. The track is available for free HERE. or check it out below along with the original version and another classic tune by The Call going back to 1983.



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Time to get happy again as we bring attention that it was 20 years ago this evening that after a striking a capella version of Bob Marley’s War, Sinead O’Connor famously ripped up a photo of the pope live on SNL in protest of the Catholic church covering up child sexual abuse.


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Let’s get happy folks as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film Singles. Thats right 20 years ago today the film was released further pushing the already booming Seattle music explosion. Despite what some may think, Singles didn’t start out as corporate attempt to capitalize on the heavy sounds coming out of the Pacific Northwest. Writer and director Cameron Crowe (who lived in Seattle) started working on the film much earlier to pay homage to all the great bands coming out of the area in the late 80’s & very early 90’s.

Of course that didn’t stop the man from trying to get his grubby fat fingers into the pie as Crowe was almost immediately approached to turn Singles in a TV series but thankfully Crowe declined.

A bit of dated early 90’s nostalgia, sure but armed with a soundtrack of tunes that still hold up maybe we should dust off those VHS players and queue up some CD’s tonight. Yeah I know, You tube and Spotify it is.


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One really big advantage of living in Baltimore versus most other places around the US is it’s proximity to two other major cities on the east coast. If for one reason or another a band can’t work out a date or decides to skip Baltimore as long as you are willing to travel an hour or so Philly and DC are both an easy jaunt up (or down) I-95. Since it’s a bit closer I normally hit DC a little more often than Philly but over the past year or so I’ve been lucky to see some damn good bands up in Philly.

That said, I’d say The Jesus and Mary Chain are defently one of if not in the top 2-3 bands mentioned either on the blog or the Warning Radio Facebook page and on their latest trek through the sates I decided to forgo the Sunday DC show (I mean some people have to work on Monday right) and head up the road to Philly to catch the gig.

Much like their tour from a few years back the Mary Chain blazed through a very hits heavy set to a packed house. I know the boys are getting up there in years but at times the brothers Reid seemed to be mearly going through the motions and dispite the sound being sometimes spotty at times it was generally a sold show ripping through crowd favorites Just Like Honey, Head On and many of their other well known tracks but the highlight for me had to be the encore. After a brief break backstage the boys came out tearing it up with three from Psych Candy, The Hardest Walk, Taste Of Cindy and closing it out with Never Understand.

Here is the full set list and a few videos floating around online

1. Snakedriver 2. Head On 3. Far Gone & Out 4. Between Planets 5. Blues From A Gun 6. Teenage Lust 7. Sidewalking 8. Cracking Up 9. All Things Must Pass 10. Some Candy Talking 11. Happy When It Rains 12. Halfway To Crazy 13. Just Like Honey 14. Reverence  ENCORE: 15. The Hardest Walk 16. Taste Of Cindy 17. Never Understand


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WARNING RADIO back with another installment of X RAY.  I’m still on a bit of a “baggy” kick lately so today we will take a look at Glasgow Scottland’s THE SOUP DRAGONS.

Best known for their 1990 upbeat cover of the Rolling Stones “I’m Free” The Soup Dragons got their start in 1985 inspired by first wave british punk acts like the Adverts and Buzzcoks. After a few singles and their debut album This Is Our Art the band’s love of melodly and harmonly fueld pop prompted them to get singned to the Subway Orginazation and they quickly got lumped into the indie crazed C86 movement along with bands such as Teenage Fanclub as well as label mates The Flatmates and The Chesterfields.

But nearing the end of the 80’s UK music and culture was among a huge shift fuled by extasy and the subsequent rave culture that began to seep into the guitar driven indie sound and in 1990 the Soup Dragons released their trippy acid house meets indie rock LP Lovegod. Their second single off the album “I’m Free” fit in nicely with the “baggy” madchester sound and earned them a huge hit reaching #5 on the UK singles chart.

The band continued on releasing another album Hotwired in ’92 containing their biggest US hit “Divine Thing” which was nominated by MTV as one of the years best but was edged out by “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

In 1994 The Soup Dragons released their fourth and final studio LP titled Hydrophonic inlisting an interesting cast of session musicians including  Tina Weymouth from the Talking Heads, funky bass player Bootsy Collins and Nevel Staples. However due to lack luster sales and reviews the band fizzled out and split up in 1995.

Most of the members went on to other musical projects with SD band leader Sean Dickson forming the experimental band The High Fidelity, Drummer Paul Quinn teaming up with Teenage Fanclub, Sushil K. Dade forming the experimental rock band Future Pilot A.K.A. and finally guitarist Jim McCulloch teamed up with former Belle & Sabastian singer Isobel Campbell and a slew of other Glaswegian musicians for the folkgroup Snowgoose.


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Well, well ,well, Look who decided to show. Yes it’s true I’m giving it another go and making a serious attempt at getting the Warning Radio blog and podcast rolling again on a regular basis. Even though for several reason I convinced myself that I was too busy to keep up the pace I still missed it, so instead of listing the excuses (Oh, I have some doozies) I’m gonna just kick off Warning Radio 2.0 with a bit of why you are more than likely here. The tunes man!

I’ve been sort of warming up with regular Facebook posts of some news and videos so if you haven’t already please check out Warning’s FB page for those times when you just can’t seem to wait for another blog post. HA! Just hop over and hit the old “LIKE” button to stay in the mix. www.facebook.com/thisiswarningradio

Also if  Twitter is more your thing I’ve been at that as well you can an follow me @warningradio

So, what I am I waiting for? I don’t know. Enjoy Episode 9


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