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artworks-000062513272-5qzkvg-t200x200Well after a few themed episodes (Covers Edition & Halloween Special) of Warning Radio I really wanted to get back with a solid mix of some real classics. We kick the show off with some Depeche Mode from the Music For The Masses LP and continue on with more blasts from Pavement, Violent Femmes and more! Thanks for listening and enjoy the mix!

001. DEPECHE MODE – Nothing
002. DEAD MILKMEN – Instant Club Hit
003. PAVEMENT – Summer Babe (Winter Version)
004. PIXIES – La La Love You
005. STONE ROSES – Sugar Spun Sister
006. ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN – Rescue
007. THE CHURCH – She Never Said
008. NEW ORDER – Face Up
009. VIOLENT FEMMES – Please Don’t Go
010. SONIC YOUTH – Kool Thing
011. ELECTRONIC – Get The Message
012. THE CHARLATANS – Sproston Green



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No not another post about 120 Minutes! Taking a look back 2011 was a pretty eventful one for classic alternative. From with the 20th anniversities of classic reissues such as Nevermind, Actung Baby, and Primal Scream’s Screamadelica. To big new events about the break up of R.E.M. and the announcement of The Stone Roses getting back at it for some gigs (and possible new record) and finally the debut of Spotify in America.

So what’s on tap for 2012? With the slew of more reissues sure to be coming down the pike and some much anticipated shows, here are a few highlights of whats to come in the new year in the  world of classic alternative and new wave.

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS celebrate the 30th anniversary of their second album Lincoln. TMBG are set to embark on a full US tour (in support of a new album) and will perform the entire album Lincoln in L.A. and Atlanta check. Details HERE

RHINO RECORDS who are never short on a more reissues than anyone can shake a stick at have a fine roster will be at it again in 2012 with some real heavy hitters including Ministry, Ramones,INXS, Depeche Mode and many more Details HERE

BEGGARS ARCHIVE is also getting in on the act with a number of classic reissues and best of collections as well. Highlights include best of comps from the Go-Betweens and Belly as well as reissues from Cocteau Twins, Beck, Bauhaus and the Charlatans.

But of course probably the biggest and most anticipated event to look forward to is the Stone Roses reunion gigs. I’m crossing all my fingers (and toes) the boys decide to bring the tour to america!

Best of luck in 2012 folks and don’t be afraid to let us know what you are most looking forward to this year.


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So by now we have all heard the huge news about the Stone Roses reunion gigs. I never meant for this blog to be the go to place for late breaking news so now that the dust has settled a bit how can I not a lest recognize on it.

It seemed every year or so we were all teased with rumors of the Roses getting back together but every time we were left short as one of the guys would come out and say that it was just and only that, a rumor. But growing older has a way of unintentionally causing one to begin to reflect and as the famous Gear Daddies song goes “Time Heals and Time Forgets” and with the passing of Mani’s mum seeming to be the catalyst for bringing the boys all back together, I think the guys could no longer ignore the magic the four guys had. Not to get too reflective but I’ve always believed in trying to take something positive away from the passing of a loved one and it’s uplifting to hear the guys talk about making something beautiful out of an unfortunate situation.

The Roses have received a boat load of press over the reunion and if you have yet to see the press conference I recommend checking it out and for more fun hop over the the NME page and vote on the greatest Stones Roses track.

Also I posted this the day the news came out but I threw together a Spotify mix of a few of my favorite Roses tunes so click the link below to check that out. Enjoy and for us over here in the states we are holding our breath for some US dates!



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Yeah, we have heard it before but I’m gonna fall for it again. In honor of the rumors Ian Brown and John Squire have “buried the hatchet”  paving the way for the big cash in later this year let’s celebrate with a few classics clips from the Roses. In case you missed the NME link on Warning Radio’s Facebook page you can check it out here. I’m crossing my fingers we get some US dates and not just the odd huge ass festival spot.

No stranger to this blog here is a live clip of one of my all time faves Waterfall

And who can forget this classic late show clip!


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Not the usual thing I normally post on the blog but as a bit of a fashion and sneaker addict I couldn’t resist passing up this nugget. Japanese designer and  Ian Brown mate Kuraishi Kazuki designed these limited edition Adidas trainers for the latest Originals collection. Check em out HERE. Pretty sweet!


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I’m gonna keep this one short and to the point cause the only one thing I can say about the now infamous Stone Roses at Spike Island gig is people come from one of two camps. You were either at the legendary gig or wished that you would have been. Sadly I’m in the latter.

Check out this article up now on the NME site about an up coming movie that uses The Stone Roses and Spike Island as it’s backdrop.

And if you missed it the first time around check out an earlier Warning Radio blog post that celebrated the gig that went on to inspire a nation.