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coverOk first, I’m going to say this is going to be my last post concerning covers (for a while anyway) and second, though there are many it would be very difficult for anyone to convince me of a band that has had a bigger influence on classic alternative, indie and new wave music than The Velvet Underground. Being that VU are and have been one of my favorite bands for a very long time I know I’m a little biased in this statement but I don’t think I’m alone.

So when I almost included The Cowboy Junkies mellowed out version of Sweet Jane to round off the recent covers podcast I began to think of the number of other Warning Radio artists who have covered The Velvet Underground and it wasn’t hard to quickly build a playlist.  From the Primitives (Which I’m guessing is a nod to a name used by a Pre-Velvet Underground Lou Reed project) to Psychic TV’s drugged out version of Foggy Notion (complete with fictitious conversation between Candy Darling and Andy Warhol) this by no means a complete list but a nice sample of a few classic alternative artists heavily influenced by The Velvet Underground.



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I was leafing through the newest edition of Spin magazine today. The latest issue’s feature is a celebration of the 20th anniversary of one of the biggest, most important albums in rock. The album that has been widely revered as “the record that changed the game”, Nirvana’s second LP Nevermind. Skimming through some of side bits on what other artists had to say about the album my immediate reaction was that I just HAD to weigh in on it. But how in the hell would a music nerd like me with remedial writing skills do due justice to one of the most important albums not just to this blog but in the history of rock and roll? Well I really don’t know but I feel obligated not really to give it a shot but to at least put my spin on it and how it relates to this blog and the Warning Radio podcast.

I loved Nevermind back in the day and I can gladly say that I still do. I can’t really explain it other than Nirvana seemed to be just one of those bands  that “had it” even early on. They looked right, they sound right, the time was just RIGHT. To me it still sounds fresh (which is more than I can say for a lot of similar artists to release CD’s around that time) And as I mentioned before NIrvana is a very important band to this blog because I’ve always felt that the Warning Radio concept was build around all the great underground music that happened between the deaths of two very important people, Ian Curtis and Kurt Cobain. I listen to tons of bands new and old but all the interesting sounds in the 80’s and very early 90’s were very infulentual on me and still are to this day and in my opinion that was the true hey day of alternative music.

Bands from Black Flag to Beat Happening had been bubbling up, paving the way for the alternative explosion for many years making Nirvana’s Nevermind LP possible to be the volcanic eruption that made it so exciting. And the fact that Kurt championed all the bands that made it possible for him to be in the position he was not only made him all that much cooler. Music that people gave a lot for and meant so much to so many was finally being recognized. And I know it may sound cliche but being such a big fan of early alternative music for a number of years I really remember feeling like “wow, we won”

Little did I know the honeymoon wouldn’t last and sadly with success come a dark side with the music business. Every major label was throwing more cash than I will probably ever see at one time trying to find the next big thing and all we ended up getting was flavor of the month.

And the death of Kurt also in many way killed the music that I hold so dear. Nevermind was simply the beginning of the end. But of course what an ending it was. Sure there will be more great rock records but for what it was at that time Nevermind ‘s greatness will never be duplicated It was just what we needed. That is why 20 years later we are still talking about it, still writing about it and still listening to it.


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Pretty excited about this one. To celebrate the 20th year anniversary, the 1991 Sonic Youth tour documentary The Year Punk Broke is finally getting a DVD release. Universal music is set to release the tour doc which follows SY around Europe with tour openers Nirvana and appearances from Mudhoney, Babes In Toyland, The Ramones and more. The DVD will also contain bonus performances and footage.

Hard to express fully just how important this movie was and in my opinion a real behind the scenes look into the burgeoning alternative music scene as well as just how much of a part Sonic Youth played on a culture about to explode. And always great to see those rare glimpses of the pre stardom Nirvana who had no idea they were about to turn the music world upside down. Not sure on the release date yet but I’ll be sure to keep ya posted. Check out this clip from the move of some back stage scenes and Nirvana performing Polly. If you can’t wait check out more clips on You Tube, there are plenty floating around.


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Ya know what? I love Nirvana. Always have and I’m guessing I always will. So when I found out that Seattle’s Experience Music Project was hosting a new exhibit of extensive memorabilia celebrating the music and history of the band that went from nowhere to the biggest band in the world I could only feel one thing, jealousy. Well, and a little bummed.

Bummed that more than likely I’m not going to be dropping everything to hop on a plane to the Pacific northwest to go to a museum. Though I’ve though about it, more than once.

Check out EMP website at some of the cool picts, fan submissions and opening weekend events. Also check out a few of the clips including a brief interview with Chad Channing and Bleach producer Jack Endino. Also heres clip of excerpts of a DVD which I’m guessing is shown at the exhibit featuring some very influential folks!

And of course just for good measure (and because I fucking love this performance) I’m throwing this one out there as well. This shit RIPS! I’m sure it exists so anyone out that has this MTV studio concert from early ’92 on DVD and would wanna hook a brother up I would be much obliged.