coverOk first, I’m going to say this is going to be my last post concerning covers (for a while anyway) and second, though there are many it would be very difficult for anyone to convince me of a band that has had a bigger influence on classic alternative, indie and new wave music than The Velvet Underground. Being that VU are and have been one of my favorite bands for a very long time I know I’m a little biased in this statement but I don’t think I’m alone.

So when I almost included The Cowboy Junkies mellowed out version of Sweet Jane to round off the recent covers podcast I began to think of the number of other Warning Radio artists who have covered The Velvet Underground and it wasn’t hard to quickly build a playlist.  From the Primitives (Which I’m guessing is a nod to a name used by a Pre-Velvet Underground Lou Reed project) to Psychic TV’s drugged out version of Foggy Notion (complete with fictitious conversation between Candy Darling and Andy Warhol) this by no means a complete list but a nice sample of a few classic alternative artists heavily influenced by The Velvet Underground.


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