the-call-press-photo-1A few weeks ago I saw one of those eCards that are always popping up on Facebook. The card read “Don’t apologize for not blogging…No one noticed” I found it funny considering my updates are pretty sporadic and I tend to start every post with something to the effect of “yeah, it’s been a while” or something like that. But hey, 2013 is just a few weeks old so with a new year comes new optimism and maybe even a few mix ups on the blog.  So just like my love for the tunes discussed here I refuse to let this thing die so let’s move on shall we.

I’m a bit of a rare guy in the sense that most 40 year olds usually are not able to keep up with newer sounds coming out. Facts are facts people get older and their priorities change. Families, work, kids what ever it may be becomes important so I get a lot of friends who share a love for Warning Radio asking if I can suggest any new bands or new music coming out that they might like.

I tend to almost always be a fan of bands that are influenced by bands I already like. So with influences such as The Velvet Underground, Jesus & Mary Chain and Sonic Youth most people who know me well would not be shocked to hear that I’ve been a fan of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club since their inception. Ok so where the big tie in right? Well Robert Been, BRMC’s bass player and vocalist is the son of Michael Been the leader and chief songwriter of the 80’s college rock band The Call.

Sadly, Michael passed away in 2010 and as a tribute to Robert’s late father BRMC are releasing as their first single one of the Calls classic tracks from 1989 “Let The Day Begin” on their newest album due out in March. The cover stays pretty true to the original but  they do manage to add a nice amount of BMRC noise to the mix. The track is available for free HERE. or check it out below along with the original version and another classic tune by The Call going back to 1983.


One Response to “LET THE DAY BEGIN”

  1. I fondly remember “The Walls Came Down” when it was on rotation in the early years of MTV.

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