Let’s get happy folks as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film Singles. Thats right 20 years ago today the film was released further pushing the already booming Seattle music explosion. Despite what some may think, Singles didn’t start out as corporate attempt to capitalize on the heavy sounds coming out of the Pacific Northwest. Writer and director Cameron Crowe (who lived in Seattle) started working on the film much earlier to pay homage to all the great bands coming out of the area in the late 80’s & very early 90’s.

Of course that didn’t stop the man from trying to get his grubby fat fingers into the pie as Crowe was almost immediately approached to turn Singles in a TV series but thankfully Crowe declined.

A bit of dated early 90’s nostalgia, sure but armed with a soundtrack of tunes that still hold up maybe we should dust off those VHS players and queue up some CD’s tonight. Yeah I know, You tube and Spotify it is.


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