One really big advantage of living in Baltimore versus most other places around the US is it’s proximity to two other major cities on the east coast. If for one reason or another a band can’t work out a date or decides to skip Baltimore as long as you are willing to travel an hour or so Philly and DC are both an easy jaunt up (or down) I-95. Since it’s a bit closer I normally hit DC a little more often than Philly but over the past year or so I’ve been lucky to see some damn good bands up in Philly.

That said, I’d say The Jesus and Mary Chain are defently one of if not in the top 2-3 bands mentioned either on the blog or the Warning Radio Facebook page and on their latest trek through the sates I decided to forgo the Sunday DC show (I mean some people have to work on Monday right) and head up the road to Philly to catch the gig.

Much like their tour from a few years back the Mary Chain blazed through a very hits heavy set to a packed house. I know the boys are getting up there in years but at times the brothers Reid seemed to be mearly going through the motions and dispite the sound being sometimes spotty at times it was generally a sold show ripping through crowd favorites Just Like Honey, Head On and many of their other well known tracks but the highlight for me had to be the encore. After a brief break backstage the boys came out tearing it up with three from Psych Candy, The Hardest Walk, Taste Of Cindy and closing it out with Never Understand.

Here is the full set list and a few videos floating around online

1. Snakedriver 2. Head On 3. Far Gone & Out 4. Between Planets 5. Blues From A Gun 6. Teenage Lust 7. Sidewalking 8. Cracking Up 9. All Things Must Pass 10. Some Candy Talking 11. Happy When It Rains 12. Halfway To Crazy 13. Just Like Honey 14. Reverence  ENCORE: 15. The Hardest Walk 16. Taste Of Cindy 17. Never Understand


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