Well, well ,well, Look who decided to show. Yes it’s true I’m giving it another go and making a serious attempt at getting the Warning Radio blog and podcast rolling again on a regular basis. Even though for several reason I convinced myself that I was too busy to keep up the pace I still missed it, so instead of listing the excuses (Oh, I have some doozies) I’m gonna just kick off Warning Radio 2.0 with a bit of why you are more than likely here. The tunes man!

I’ve been sort of warming up with regular Facebook posts of some news and videos so if you haven’t already please check out Warning’s FB page for those times when you just can’t seem to wait for another blog post. HA! Just hop over and hit the old “LIKE” button to stay in the mix. www.facebook.com/thisiswarningradio

Also if  Twitter is more your thing I’ve been at that as well you can an follow me @warningradio

So, what I am I waiting for? I don’t know. Enjoy Episode 9


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