Damn! It seems every so often I create a post about how I haven’t been postin’. Well though the same is true that I’ve pretty much been slackin’ lately I thought instead of focusing on the fact that I have not been blogging, I think this time I’m going to talk about people who have. Or at least have in the past.

Sure not all of these are the most current blogs out there but I thought it might be fun to compile a small handful of blogs that are loosely related to Warning Radio and maybe even turn people on to one or two of them

Starting off is one a friend turned me onto PRESS PLAY AND RECORD an excellent blog that compiles dozens of old NME cassettes from the 80’s including C81 and the famed C86 comp that has gone to inspire countless bands and labels over the years.


Next up we have WHFS & OTHER GREAT MUSIC this one is a little old and I knew about it a while back but wasn’t sure how it fit into Warning Radio. Anyhow, anyone in their late 30’s or early 40’s and from the Baltimore/DC area can attest to just how fucking awesome the radio station WHFS was back in the day. The station was truly cutting edge mixing in not only 80’s college rock mainstays but a great mix of new wave, punk, industrial, reggae and much more! This blog/site contains several downloads recorded to cassette straight off the radio. Sound quality can sometimes be spotty but that’s part of the charm and reminds me of some of my own home recording and the days when there was great radio and real DJ’s behind them. I even think I have an HFS tape or two lying around. I should bust them out!

Finally, I started reading the killer book by Sara Marcus GIRLS TO THE FRONT all about the early 90’s riot grrrl movement when I suddenly had an itch to bust out my Bratmobile/Heaven To Betsy split 7 inch. I wanted to rip the record to my computer but feeling lazy I did a quick search on line and stumbled onto  THE (FORMERLY) DAILY 7. A blog primarily dedicated to late 80’s and early 90’s underground. The site is chocked full of over 100 7″ rips from Sub Pop, Amphetamine Reptile, Touch And Go, K Records, Kill Rock Stars and more. Def worth checking out.


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