So by now we have all heard the huge news about the Stone Roses reunion gigs. I never meant for this blog to be the go to place for late breaking news so now that the dust has settled a bit how can I not a lest recognize on it.

It seemed every year or so we were all teased with rumors of the Roses getting back together but every time we were left short as one of the guys would come out and say that it was just and only that, a rumor. But growing older has a way of unintentionally causing one to begin to reflect and as the famous Gear Daddies song goes “Time Heals and Time Forgets” and with the passing of Mani’s mum seeming to be the catalyst for bringing the boys all back together, I think the guys could no longer ignore the magic the four guys had. Not to get too reflective but I’ve always believed in trying to take something positive away from the passing of a loved one and it’s uplifting to hear the guys talk about making something beautiful out of an unfortunate situation.

The Roses have received a boat load of press over the reunion and if you have yet to see the press conference I recommend checking it out and for more fun hop over the the NME page and vote on the greatest Stones Roses track.

Also I posted this the day the news came out but I threw together a Spotify mix of a few of my favorite Roses tunes so click the link below to check that out. Enjoy and for us over here in the states we are holding our breath for some US dates!



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