So we recently learned that one of the most distinguished and successful alternative/college rock bands R.E.M. decided to call it a day. At first I was a little surprised, even inching close to that magic or not so magic (depending on who you talk to) age of 40 R.E.M. has pretty much been around as long as I remmember.

I can pretty much distinctly recall first hearing the band and even then they had already been kicking around for a few years. But as I began to read some of the band member statements it didn’t feel all that shocking and began to totally make sense. Though not on the scale of a major rock band I have been lucky to be part of a few things in my life that were not only successful (on a local level) but also a lot of damn fun and while people and bands can sometimes struggle with success there are instances where people know and are totally ok with things coming to an end and I honestly feel this is the case here.

Personally, I have for quite a long time been a very big fan of R.E.M. and however you feel about the band one thing can not be denied. R.E.M. are and will forever be one of if not the most important and well respected bands in american alternative music. They come from a time when hitting the road, honing your craft and staying true to what you believe in was what you had to do to even have a sniff at achieving minor success. They also used what success they had to keep branching out, stretching their creativity as well as taking the opportunity to inform many on a number of important social and environmental issues. And for all of this they should be championed.

I wanted to try and pay tribute to one of the cornerstones of Warning Radio and have some fun at the same time so I put together a little mini mix of a a fewl of my favorite R.E.M. songs enjoy the mix and feel free to chime in and comment on some of you favorite R.E.M. tracks.


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