102 (FOR 101)

Well leave it to me! A few weeks ago I noticed I was creeping close to my 100th blog entry. Not a huge deal considering I’ve had this blog for a while but  hey I wanted to at least mention it since I’m not actually been known thru the years as the kind of guy to stick with things long.

So thinking more, I thought it would be cool and fitting to the blog to bypass mentioning my 100th post and make a special note of my 101st post by talking about the classic tour documentary and album from Depeche Mode, Depeche Mode 101. A few weeks went by and I kinda forgot about it and low and behold I posted my 101st entry about something entirely different..

I’m sure everyone that frequents this blog or has heard the podcast are all familiar with the DM classic 101 but let’s have some fun and revisit it anyway.

Depeche Mode 101 was a documentary that followed DM and a few lucky fans around the US during the 1988 tour for DM’s classic LP Music For the Masses. 101 the album was a recording of the final show (101st show of the tour) at the famous Rose Bowl in Pasadena CA in front of nearly 60,000 fans! Not too shabby for a british synth pop band that hadn’t even been around a decade.

Both LP’s Music For the Masses and 101 happen to be personal favorites of mine and though DM made some great records following I think many would agree that the 101 LP was definitely one of if not the highest point of their career.


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