Ya know what? I love Nirvana. Always have and I’m guessing I always will. So when I found out that Seattle’s Experience Music Project was hosting a new exhibit of extensive memorabilia celebrating the music and history of the band that went from nowhere to the biggest band in the world I could only feel one thing, jealousy. Well, and a little bummed.

Bummed that more than likely I’m not going to be dropping everything to hop on a plane to the Pacific northwest to go to a museum. Though I’ve though about it, more than once.

Check out EMP website at some of the cool picts, fan submissions and opening weekend events. Also check out a few of the clips including a brief interview with Chad Channing and Bleach producer Jack Endino. Also heres clip of excerpts of a DVD which I’m guessing is shown at the exhibit featuring some very influential folks!

And of course just for good measure (and because I fucking love this performance) I’m throwing this one out there as well. This shit RIPS! I’m sure it exists so anyone out that has this MTV studio concert from early ’92 on DVD and would wanna hook a brother up I would be much obliged.



  1. EMP is pretty cool. They share a building with the Science Fiction Museum and their co-marketing is fantastic: devil horns & the spock. Seattle is a great town. Do it if you can.

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