Finally Warning Radio classic alternative and indie is BACK with episode 007 (sorry no James Bond them to this show). This months program features tracks from Liverpool’s The La’s, Jane’s Addiction and more! Download (by clicking the arrow at the right of the player) or get your stream on. Well, what are you waiting for!!!


2 Responses to “WARNING RADIO EPISODE 007”

  1. Dude, How Soon and There Is a Light, right outta the gate? I think you need to dig a little deeper in your crates buddy. Where is My Mind? PLEASE. This show has potential, but lets hear some Clan of Xymox or Heaven 17 or something a little darker and deeper than your cut copy smiths and frank black tunes man.

    • matthewrubbish Says:

      Hey, sorry for taking a bit to get back. i appreciate the comment and you taking the time to listen however i stand by all the tracks that i play and my experience in the 2 years blogging and a year doing the podcast is that you are never gonna make everyone happy. I do the best job i can with the time i have and my aim is with both the blog and podcast is to give due to the bands that were the mainstays and define the genre.

      I do try and dip into a bit of the more obscure at times and even have sections on my blog (x-ray & remix) that dive a little deeper but for the most part sure, i do tend to stick with the heavy hitters.

      thanks again for listening and hope you continue. feel free to contact me at warningradio@gmail.com if you have a request or any suggestions. I’m alway open to new ideas on ways of expanding the content.

      matthew rubbish

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