So last night I took some time out from my birthday festivities (otherwise know as drinking and watching a hockey game) to do a little bit of work on the upcoming episode of Warning Radio. I was skimming through a few The The tracks when I was once again marveled by the well crafted genius of their song The Beat(en) Generation. Even though I believe it to be their highest charting song it’s one of their lesser known numbers.

The song has always been a favorite of my brother and I and the album (Mind Bomb) which it’s take from might be my favorite as well. Sure Soul Mining is a fantastic record but because of when the record was released and what I was doing at the time I have to give the nod to the classic from ’89.

Also for the making of the record frontman Matt Johnson recruited some real heavy hitters. Johnny Marr on guitar, Julian Cope bassist James Eller and ABC drummer David Palmer. Tie that in with a guest vocal by Sinead O’Connor and The The were inching into supergroup territory. Great record!

Enjoy the wonder!

Kingdom Of Rain with guest vocals by Sinead O’Connor



One Response to “MIND BOMB”

  1. We are a group of enthusiastic THE THE fans.
    If you’re also a fan, then join us and exchange your ideas.
    Perhaps a growing fan base is a small step to experience THE THE “live on stage” someday!

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