Jesus, I know I’ve stated before that due to the fact I manage a blog and podcast featuring music 20+ years or more I should not be so surprised when things such as this pop up but I gotta admit I was really taken aback by this one.

Due out in early April Hip-O Select will be releasing the 20th anniversary edition of Material Issue’s classic debut LP International Pop Overthrow. The vastly underrated alt power pop gem from ’91 that included the big alternative hits Diane & Valerie Loves Me will get the remastering treatment as well as include 6 extra tracks not on the original release.
Not to be sentimentally sappy but IPO has always held a special place in my heart. Not only is it in my opinion a power pop classic but it was released right around the time I graduated from high school. It’s one of those CD’s I dust off every once in a while and it still sounds fresh and free!
And one of the extras on the upcoming reissue MI’s cover of the Simon & Garfunkel hit The Boxer


  1. an old & dear favorite of mine as well. Was lucky enough to see them play a short set at what’s now Power Plant Live back in ’91 & to sneak into Max’s on Broadway when I was way underage to see them play there too. And the triple bill of Material Issue, Too Much Joy, & the Might Lemon Drops nearly made my head spin off with delight in ’92. RIP Jim Ellison, a fine craftsman of great pop songs.

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