A friend of mine and I were talking about the Smashing Pumpkins the other day and it sort of led me down the path of rediscovery. As big of fan as I am of late 80’s early 90’s rock I have to admit because I was into so many bands back then I didn’t keep extremely close tabs on the them after the Gish album other than what I heard from friends or the songs that made it to radio. I was lucky to see the Pumpkins in late ’91 at Rec Hall at Penn State University and although I remember Billy saying a few not so kind things about PSU, the show was great and the band was amazing. I was blown away how in control they were with their loud and quiet parts but at the same time seemed a bit crazy and outta control.

So anyway, the last few days I’ve been on a major Pumpkins kick. I’ve always thought Gish was great (and still is) but I’ve also been digging up some other tunes from that era that are equally as good. Here’s a few highlights from the past few days. Enjoy!

My first into the the Pumpkins back in the summer of ’91

Killer acoustic version of one of my favorites from the Lull EP

And finally a great lesser known track from the No Alternative compliation


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