On a recent snowy day off of work I decided to watch the the move Hype. It had been a while (ok, a long while) since I had seen the movie and too be honest I forgotten a lot about the move. Basically, Hype documents the people and music involved in the punk, indie and metal scene in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest from it’s early beginnings in the mid 80’s up to and through it’s explosion in the early 90’s.

I think it’s a good doc, pretty well done and in less than two hours you are bombarded with dozens of great bands, stories and people who helped put Seattle on the map and make it it such an interesting and creative place. One band in particular I had pretty much forgotten about was the early 90’s Seattle powerpop band Flop.

Around 1989  Pure Joy members Rusty Willoughby (guitar) and Nate Johnson (drums) started jamming with with second guitarist Bill Campbell from the band Chemistry Set and Paul Schurr on bass. The guys originally had no asperations of becoming a real band but somehow stumbled onto a bill at a local club. After toying with numerous names from Butt Sweat to The Value Village People they finally settled on Flop and had their first gig opening for the Sacramento neo-psych paisley underground band Game Theory.

Armed with a hand full of tunes Flop recorded their first disc Flop And The Fall Of The Mopsqueezer with Kurt Block (Fastbacks) and released it on the L.A. indie Fronteer Records. The record drew enough attention to get their next record Whenever You Are Ready released on the major lable Epic but despite long nationwide tours with big names such as The Lemonheads and Screeming Trees record sales weren’t up to snuff and Flop was dropped by Epic.

Ater Schurr left the band and was replaced by Posies drummer Dave Fox, Flop hooked back up with Fronteer Records for their last record World Of Today in 1995. A solid record on it’s own but World Of Today lacked a bit of the punch as their previous releases and after their final show in San Diego the band dissolved that same year.

Here’s one of my faves from Flop and some bonus footage, The opening bit from the Seattle documentary HYPE! Check it out!


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