As most know from the ashes of Bauhaus, one of alternative music’s most respected bands came one of the 80’s less heralded but equally great bands Love And Rockets. Guitarist Daniel Ash and bass player David J hit the scene in ’85 and released a continuous stream of solid LP’s throughout the 80’s and into the 90’s.

Originally release in 2005 SORTED! The Best of Love And Rockets comes out this week on vinyl in the U.S. and is an excellent career spanning compilation including alternative classics “No New Tale To Tell”, “So Alive” and their cover of the Motown hit “Ball Of Confusion”

And to celebrate the re-release of the collection check out a few choice clips selected by none other than myself including one of their biggest hits and a live clip from 2008 of my personal fav L&R songs Kundalini Express. I can also remember quite vividly the first time I heard the alt smash No New Tale To Tell (yes, of course on 120 Minutes) and being blown away! Still love to crank that one in the car every chance I get.

BONUS! Another killer track for the Earth Sun Moon LP


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