Even though I technically started in 2009 I really consider 2010 to be more of the real kick off to the Warning Radio podcast and blog. After a few years of thinking and discussing it with friends roughly mid way through this year I finally started making regular entries to the blog and got on the ball creating new podcasts every month or so

Ive had a lot of fun doing it as well and look forward to continuing as long as possible. It’s been great meeting new people who share the passion for classic alternative and indie and sharing memories of all the great music with old friends as well.

Thanks to all who have read the blog, listened to the podcast, made comments and hope you continue in the year to come. Look for new features to the blog and more great music in 2011!

Finally, Feel free to spread the word about Warning Radio and any requests, comments or suggestions are always greatly welcomed. Take care and happy holidays.




2 Responses to “WARNING WRAP UP 2010!”

  1. Nice work this year, although I cannot believe I haven’t heard the Modish Togs yet.

  2. matthewrubbish Says:

    No Togs Stevie, I’m trying to focus on bands people will actually dig! HAHAHA!! Stay outta trouble my man!

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