It’s no secret, in fact it’s been pretty well documented hear at Warning Radio of my love for the MTV’s classic program 120 Minutes. Not only was the show a great way for a guy in Pennsylvania to find new and off the wall music but the show also brings back a lot of great memories from the 80’s and early 90’s. Weather it’s watching at home with my brother or hanging with friends with a couple (or many times far more than a couple) beers nearly every sunday (or sometimes Monday if we recorded it on VHS) I watched.

Thanks partly to 120 Minutes sometime in the late 80’s alternative music started to break out a bit from college dorms or big city radio stations left of the dial and started to creep into the mainstream a bit. Around this time MTV started to air a weekly program called POST MODERN. Basically, Post Modern was shorter weekly version of what was shown on 120 Minutes every Sunday. Post Modern didn’t get as obscure as 120 Minutes they tended to stay on a bit of the more mainstream side of alternative music but all the same I loved it! It gave me  an outlet for the kind of tunes I wanted to hear almost every night of the week!

The show was such a success that MTV decided to create a new category at the annual Video Music Awards (VMA’s) for Best Post Modern Video. The award only lasted for two years before it was changed to Best Alternative Video but the addition of the new category showed the power alternative and indie was gaining.

After a few strong years and the explosion of alt music in the early 90’s the show’s name was changed to Alternative Nation and hosted by Kennedy (gasp). With even a stronger emphasis on more of the mainstream alternative the program started to loose a bit of it’s luster (for me anyway) and fizzled out around 1996. But of course a lot was changing in music as well as at MTV by then so all for the best I guess.

I was able to find a couple of cool clips from Post Modern on youtube including an MTV commercial from ’88 promoting the show and be sure to check out the from when Andy Partridge from XTC  hosted. The guy was a nutter.

And here’s one last clip with Robyn Hitchcock hosting Post Modern with his classic tune Balloon Man. I always loved this song and the goofy video is very fitting for the track. This is also a little preview of episode 006 of Warning Radio due out later this month.


2 Responses to “MTV POST MODERN”

  1. Remember Tim Sommer? I think the biggest qualification he had to host was that he was friends with Stipe.

    • matthewrubbish Says:

      What r u trying to say Hugo Largo wasn’t a big deal!??!?!? HAHAHHA
      Check out the wiki article on Tim Sommer. He had a hand in the success of a few unlikely bands.

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