And so it comes another year nearly at a close. Recently it’s become quite popular round this time of the year for everyone from Rolling Stone to your younger brother or sister (cause they have a blog too right!) to come out with their top albums or tracks of the year. Being that Warning Radio doesn’t exactly focus on music that is new it’s got me thinking about some of the great reissued or repackaged compilations of 2010.

I know I’ve sort of clowned to needless repackaged collections of a few great bands over the past year or so but hey, if it wasn’t for 80’s reissues of great bands like the Velvet Underground, 13th Floor Elevators or The Jam maybe I wouldn’t have gotten turned onto them so early in life helping to shape my musical tastes and desire to dig a little deeper. In turn seeing what else lurked beneath the surface of what was on the radio back in the 80’s and early 90’s.

Somewhere out there this year was a 15 year old kid who somehow got himself ahold of the recently repackaged Stone Roses Collection and totally blown away! So they can’t be all that bad right?

A couple reissued standouts off the top of my head have gotta be Morrissey’s Bona Drag and The Cure’s Disintegration Deluxe Edition. And as of today I’m still waiting to hear Nine Inch Nails remastering of their debut Pretty Hate Machine (complete with what Trent describes as a new sonic experience) all of these albums have been briefly discussed at some point this year on the blog.

So what were your highlights for 2010 in the reissue department? And what are you looking forward too in 2011? Here is a list of (a few) other notable reissues or repackaged collections that came out this year. I know this only scrapes the surface but here’s a few highlights of what got me excited in 2010.

CONCRETE BLONDE – Bloodletteing. 20th anniversary of the classic LP remastered. From The title track down to their biggest hit Joey this album was their biggest seller but highly regarded as their worst sounding. Remastering sounds great giving it that extra punch missing from the original.

REM – Fables Of The Reconstruction. 25th anniversary of the REM’s 3rd album complete with demos including 3 unreleased tracks.

TEARDROP EXPLODES – Kilimanjaro. 30th anniversary Deluxe edition of the debut album from Julian Cope and company. 3 CD set includes remasterd album, b-sides and BBC sessions. Complete with sleeve notes from Julian Cope and David Balfe. In my opinion one of the best reissues of 2010


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