After the 1987 break up of Husker Du, Grant Hart (much like former band member Bob Mould) got right to work. Ditching the drum kit and switching over to guitar and vocals Grant release one solo EP (SST Records) before forming the alternative rock trio Nova Mob.

Hart and company released their first EP in ’91 on Rough Trade titled Admiral Of The Sea and followed that up with a full length The Last Days Of Pompeii the same year and featured Hart really coming into his own as both a singer and songwriter.

Although the band enjoyed some good press and made waves in Europe, Nova Mob took some time off and remained silent until 1994 when they released another EP and full length that year. The band also went through some line up changes going from a trio to a four piece.

Sadly Nova Mob called it quits in 1996 but Grant continues to release solo records including the acoustic album Ecce Homo in ’96 as well as Good News For Modern Man in ’99 and then Hot Wax ten years later.

Check out a few clips from Nova Mob, I think you will find they are not just a must for the Husker Du devoted but all fans of late 80’s early 90’s alternative rock.



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