In my continuing quest to add new and interesting content to Warning Radio I’d like to introduce X-RAY. Inspired by the classic 120 Minutes segment with the same name, X-RAY will appear semi-regularly and will feature lesser known and a tad bit more obscure alternative and indie bands from back in the day

Up to this point Warning Radio has mainly focused on the classic bands of the era and for good reason. Bands such as The Cure, The Smiths, The Replacements and many more are not only great bands but also mainstays of the genre. Not to mention no matter what age you are, for many it’s their first taste of the world of alternative music.

However, for all the bands to make it big there are hundreds of groups of the classic era that just didn’t get to be as big as Echo & the Bunnymen or sell as many records as Depeche Mode. But there they were chugging along supporting the scene, joining in and helping to make it so exciting.

Look for the first X-RAY segment in the next few days and I’d love to hear your suggestions. So email me at warningradio@gmail.com. I wanna hear from you. Who will be the next band featured in the X-RAY!


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