Other than one short mention a while  back I’ve sort of neglected The Charlatans not just on the blog but on the Warning Radio podcast as well.

Not sure why either because even though I don’t mention them as such I really have to say they have been one of my favorite bands for a very long time. The Charlatans have been through a lot in their 20 plus year career as a band. Line up changes, legal trouble, a dozens of musical trends and even the tragic death of a founding member who was a huge part of their signature sound. But bespite all of this they have stuck together and continue to write and record great music. From the early days as heavy hitters on the Madchester indie dance scene to up to their most recent rock influenced single the band really has had a great career that I feel should be more celebrated.

Check out these two videos. First being their debut single Indian Rope (with original guitarist John Baker as well as Tim Burgess sporting the quintessential baggy haircut) and the second being the promo video from their latest single Love Is Ending.


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