Some exciting Smiths news (well not really news but anyway) check out the awesome new Smiths MP3 blog EXTRA TRACK (AND A TACKY BADGE) The blog (with the killer name) is just getting rolling so not a lot posted yet but so far a few great entries. Not only do they include some killer b-sides but for those not familiar it’s also a great way to hear the original and out of print Smiths material before all the reissues and remastering.

So on an unrelated note how was everyone’s Halloween? Personally, I have nothing against the “holiday” but even as a kid I never got that into it. One thing is for sure though people love themselves some Halloween and this year was no exception. I saw a lot of people posting halloween theme videos and mixes which I thought was pretty cool.

I used to believe that Thanksgiving was the official kick off to the end of the year holiday season but these days it really seems to be Halloween and now that the calendar has turned to November I’m def feeling it. It’s a pretty chilly windy Monday in Baltimore and I’m starting to hear people bitch about the weather but I kinda like it. Sweater weather brings back a lot of great memories of fall days and great tunes and here are a few I’m really feeling today. Two mellow classics that are really fitting for a brisk fall beginning of the work week.


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