Nine Inch Nails head honcho Trent Reznor recently announced a reissue of the bands debut and seminal LP Pretty Hate Machine due out early November.

The landmark album from 1989 put the band on the map and bought industrial music to the masses will be available on CD, vinyl and digital format as well as remastered for what Trent explains as “an improved sonic experience.” The two CD set will also feature a reworking of the original artwork (shown)

as far as I know a track listing has yet to be released so so I’m quite excited as to what the second disc will contain but stay tuned and I will be sure to feature a few tracks on Warning Radio. Until then dig this!



  1. No second disc. Just one bonus track: NIN’s cover of Queen’s “Get Down Make Love,” off of the original “Sin” single.

    • matthewrubbish Says:

      Thanks Gary! Interesting, i read it was gonna be a similar packaged deluxe edition much like the downward spiral was a few years back. I’m stiff curious but since I already have their version of Get Down Make Love I hope i’m not disappointed of the “sonic experience”

  2. […] Edition. And as of today I’m still waiting to hear Nine Inch Nails remastering of their debut Pretty Hate Machine (complete with what Trent describes as a new sonic experience) all of these albums have been […]

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