So yeah, It seems that I’ve been having a difficult time lately comin’ up with regular posts for the Warning blog. What can I say other than “Hey, bloggin’ aint easy” I mean I’d like to think that I come up with interesting posts so that is what makes it hard at times. Do I just throw up a few old viddies or nick a post off of another blog? I try not too but hey, it happens.

So what’s new? Anyone out there lucky enough to attend the Matador Records birthday party in Vegas this past weekend? The line up was pretty killer and chocked full ofclassic Matador bands such as Pavement, Jon Spencer and Superchunk but also filled in nicely with a newer acts as well.

Everything I read said Sonic Youth were far an away the highlight of the 3 day festival which doesn’t surprise me. I’ve seen ’em twice and both were killer performances. How those guys still do it is beyond. me but they do and that’s what makes them great.

So if you were there I’d love to hear from ya. What were your highlights? Any surprise appearances? Anyone you were really excited to see but were a bit of a letdown? Any word that this kind of birthday bash will be a regular thing for the label? Gimmie the scoop. Here’s a nice article from VANITY FAIR ARTICLE i found. And live performance of Bull In The Heather by Sonic Youth from the party. Seems like a great time


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