We all remember our first pair. How great it felt to put them on and lace them up. The look, the smell and the labor of love it was to break them in.

From punk to grunge, new wave to britpop and beyond Dr. Martens have long been a staple to alternative fashion. The boot with the bouncing sole has done it all, beat the streets of the bowery, kicked it in London and even walked the runways in Paris. From the late 60’s skins to their explosion in the early 90’s I think it’s safe to say no other fashion item has meant more to the world of alternative music than Docs.

This month marks the 50th Anniversary of the classic boot and to celebrate, Dr. Martens have asked ten current artists to cover a classic song of their choice.

Check out this short video of the history of the boot and it’s connection to music and the amazing cover of the Stone Roses classic I Wanna Be Adored by The Raveonettes. And click here to check out the rest of the tracks, Enjoy!


One Response to “AIR WAIR!”

  1. Remember after we stood outside in the rain for what seemed like hours, in Pgh only to have Morrissey cancel his concert? My feet (and all of me) were soaked, but with your Doc Martens on, your feet were nice & dry!

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