AGE OF CONSENT (Howie B Remix)

So I was at work the other day with the old iTunes on shuffle and this song popped up. Age Of Consent has ALWAYS been one of my favorite New Order songs and even though it was on my computer I don’t recall having heard this version before.

Now I have to be honest (At the time) I had no idea where the song came from and still have have no idea how I got it. But none the less I was BLOWN AWAY. I always thought that remixes should be as such A REMIX! A different take on a track almost making it a whole new song Howie B does it right.

I did a little searching around and even though it turns out that the remix isn’t that obscure (It appears on the 1995 comp CD “The Rest of New Order”) It’s still pretty freaking awesome. Check it out below or if interested you can pick up the CD here. So check it out!!!!


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