My post the other day about the Radioactive Goldfish song LSD IS THE BOMB (which by the way mentioning drugs in the headline to your posts seems to be a great way to get people to actually read yr blog, I had double the hits as normal) inspired me to dig up and listen to another gem kinda in the same line. Disposable Heroes of Hip-Hopricy and their 1992 underground hit TELEVISION THE DRUG OF A NATION.

The DHH out of San Francisco formed in 1990 were one of the few American acts to blend early rap and industrial. They seemed to be gaining a lot of steam opening up for many huge ass bands at the time (Nirvana, Arrested Development) and I saw them open for U2 on the Zoo TV Tour when out of nowhere they broke up!

Lead singer/rapper Michael Franti (who began his career with the industrial punk band The Beatings) hung in there though and later had success with his new band Spearhead and  more recently with a string of radio friendly hits.

And as an extra bonus check out their awesome cover of the Dead Kennedys California Uber Alles


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