Ya know I shouldn’t be so surprised. I mean I run what is basically a retro blog and podcast focusing on music that is often times 20 years or more old. But I’ve seemed to have quite a few of those “HOLY SHIT!” moments lately. One of the latest being when I found out the amazing Morrissey album “Bona Drag” is being reissued to celebrate the 20th anniversary of it’s release. Which has been rumored to contain new artwork and 6 unreleased songs from that period of Moz’s career. It’s often nice to hear about things because it instantly takes me back to that time and what I was doing, who I was hanging out with, where I was working and such but then you think of all the things that have happened in between that time and that is when the “HOLY SHIT!” moment happens. “Really, 20 years! DAMN!”

Another happened just yesterday (July 13th) when I heard on the radio that it had been 25 years since the first Live Aid concerts in London and Philly. I remember that day back in ’85 waking up early to catch the kick off of the London concert on MTV. I remember Phil Collins playing at Wimbley and immediately hoping on a concord jet and flying across the pond to play in Philly. I remember the big deal of Zepplin getting back together for the show and the seemingly endless number of new romantic bands on the bill.

But most of all I remember U2 which in my mind their performance at Live Aid is probably one of my favorite performances that I have ever seen live or on video. Which is weird for me to say due to the fact I have to admit, I didn’t even see it that day back in the summer of ’85 because you know why…..I HAD A FREAKING BASEBALL GAME!! And to this day I still have not lived this down from my brother. I didn’t wanna go but my dad made me and to make matters worse I only ended up playing a few innings and I got hit by a pitch. Thanks dad!

Well, I only ended up missing about 2 hours of the all day event but I was still pissed cause all I heard about the rest of the day was my brother going on and on about how great U2 were. Errrrrrrrrrr. Anyway luckily this is the time back when MTV actually played music so they replayed the performance a number of times and a few years back the concert was released and I guess my dad made up for making me go to the game in a way by buying it for me on DVD.

If you have never seen it (or even if you have) here’s a clip of U2 performing Bad, one of the two songs they performed at Live Aid. Quality isn’t great but it’s good enough to to enjoy and see why back in the day (personally, I think their best days are behind them) U2 were not only a good band but a great live act as well.

Hope you have a “HOLY SHIT” moment of your own soon!!! CHEERS! Matthew Rubbish


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