About once a year or so I’ll be looking for a CD and I’ll come across The Ocean Blue’s self titled debut CD and I can’t help my self but to set it aside and either play it right then and there or take it to work and listen to it on my headphones.

I’m sure most of you know but for those who do not The Ocean Blue were an indie pop band from the small town of Hershey Pennsylvania. Their debut CD was released on Sire records in the fall of ’89 and the band resonated with me for many reasons. Not only were they from PA (as am I) but it seemed the band was heavily influenced by many of the same british bands that I was into at the time.

I mean come on a modern rock indie band on MTV from Chocolatetown USA influenced by the Smiths and Echo & The Bunnymen. Doesn’t seem that unheard of today but in the mid to late 80’s it was like a big deal. Well, to me anyway.

The Ocean Blue carried on with an excellent follow up titled  “Cerulean” in ’91 and continued to evolve and crank out solid records til 2001 but for me it’s all about that first album. The record takes me back to the days of when my main problem in life was wondering were where I was gonna get money for beer and CD’s but still manages to sounds fresh with that timeless pop feeling that had drawn me to the band in the first place.

I’ve read due to legal stuff (sadly) there aren’t a lot of Ocean Blue vids on youtube but check out this short interview and version of “Between Something and Nothing from their debut CD. Live from the legendary Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA


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