After my post the other day about the 20 year anniversary of the Stone Roses legendary Spike Island gig my brother kindly reminded me that this coming Tuesday (June 1st) Rhino Records will be releasing the deluxe edition of The Cure’s classic LP “Disintegration” I remember hearing about this a while back but forgot (so thanks man) and def thought it was worth mentioning at Warning Radio

Originally released in 1989 it was the Cure’s biggest selling album and also had 2 top 10 hits in the US! (Lovesong and Lullaby) Plus two other of their most well known songs “Pictures of You” and “Fascination Street”  as well. The 3 disc set includes the remastered original album, early home recordings and a live set from ’89 at Wembly Arena. All packaged with a booklet containing unseen photos, art and lyrics.

I’ve also heard rumors of an upcoming reissue of The Cure’s “Mixed Up” LP which in my opinion is one of the finest remix albums ever made. I will let you know more when I do. Til then dig this viddie!


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