Leave it to me!

Just when I FINALLY get the blog up and running, I’m going on hiatus! I’m off to England for the big BLUR gig at Hyde Park.

Those that know me, you know how much of a HUGE Blur fan i’ve been for a very long time so this is going to be an epic event for me. Sure, i’ve seen Blur several times before but it’s been a while and although I very much enjoyed them when I saw them a few years ago touring for their latest CD Think Tank I have to admit it just wasn’t the same with out Graham Coxon there. I couldn’t help myself and have watched probably every youtube clip available of their warm up gigs and they look and sound amazing. They seem to really be enjoying themselves and the crowd reactions have been great.

I’m sure i’ll fill you in on the Blur show when I get back but until then I’ll leave you with the first song by Blur I have ever heard. I’ll never forget a very late night in early 1991 when the video for “There’s No Other Way” played on 120 Minutes. At the time I remember thinking that it sounded to me like Syd Barrett trying to break in on the Madchester scene. Great song, great band!

I’m so excited about the Blur show that I failed to mention i’m kicking off my vacation with 5 days in Amsterdam. Armed with an iPhone full of Spacemen 3 songs it should be an interesting and fun filled vacation!


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